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Brazilian, Chest, Back & Full Body Wax

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It's our pleasure at Divine Skin Care & Brazilian Wax Studio to provide an amazing wax experience for our clients whether they are veteran wax clients or first timers. We gladly offer a calming, serene, one-on-one environment that helps to put you in a relaxed state of mind when you're about to get waxed "you know where" if you're getting a Brazilian wax! The wax technician is a practitioner of the healing arts, and she readily incorporates helpful techniques to assist with the occasional jittery nerves. In addition, we only use the very best hard Blue Brazilian wax that allows for an almost "Ouch Free" experience as it does not stick to the skin at all. We adhere to the highest standards of sanitation and sterilization. We never ever double dip wax sticks or reuse wax. Call us and come see why ladies choose Divine Skin Care & Brazilian Wax Studio for bare smoothness.


* Hair must be at least 1/4" long. That means no shaving for about 2 weeks. Full growth is preferred for best results.

* For the "ouchies" it's recommended to take a pain killer like ibuprofen one hour before your appointment.

* Exfoliate lightly the area to be waxed for a few days prior to waxing. Do not cause your skin to turn red.

* No sun 24 hours before your wax.

* No exercising or sunbathing for 24 hours after your wax. Actually, do not participate in activities that will make you perspire.

* Apply OTC antibiotic cream after your waxing as needed.

* 48 hours after your wax, lightly exfoliate daily with your shower scrubby to help reduce potential ingrowns.

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We are proud to say our clients come from all over Houston, North Houston, Cypress, Tomball, Spring, Magnolia, The Woodlands, Willowbrook and Champions areas including zip codes 77070, 77377, 77375, 77429, 77379, 77064, 77069, 77066, 77067, 77014, 77041, & 77040 for their almost ouch free hair removal wax services including Full Body Waxing, Brazilian Wax, Bikini Wax, Back Wax, and Chest Wax.