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Divine Intimate Lightening - Anal or Vaginal Bleaching or Whitening

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Houston, TX ladies have been asking, and Divine Skin Care & Brazilian Wax is finally answering with our very own Divine Intimate Lightening (anal vaginal bleaching or whitening)!! Yes! It's here! Most refer to this type of treatment or service as anal or vaginal bleaching, but rest assured there is no bleach involved at all! It's an all natural treatment.

We are proud to say that we developed our vey ray own natural professional and take home treatment system. Ladies are saying they can see about a 25% to an almost 50% less hyperpigmentation with their very first treatment! This is a two step process including in office professional treatments and our own exclusive Divine Skin Lightening home treatment. Since we are all individuals with different skin types, hydration levels, etc.. we recommend anywhere from 3-6 treatments or more to get to a more desired even tone most are seeking. With our at home kits, skin discoloration improvements are visible within 4-6 weeks. Please keep in mind that the hyperpigmentation did not appear overnight, and once skin tone has improved, continued use of the at home kit is recommended to help keep the discoloration from returning.

The service itself is a very natural and non irritating treatment, however, we are all individuals, and should you experience any slight discomfort (although rare), please inform your Esthetician performing the service. Please keep in mind that this treatment isn't limited to just the intimate areas. Other areas to be treated can also include faces, underarms, knees, elbows, inner thighs, tummy tuck incisions, and even old scars and insect bite marks that left dark spots behind.

So, Houston, it's finally here, and whether you call it anal or vaginal bleaching, and we call it Divine Intimate Lightening, call us to book your appointment today!!

Intimate Lightening Treatment $200 per visit

* Series of 3 Treatments $525 ($175 each x 3)

Underarms, Knees, Elbows $175 per area


By Appointment Only

Wed, Thurs, & Fri 9 to 6, Sat 9 to 3

10601 Grant Rd. #116

Houston, TX 77070